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Paper cascades

So I am taking an online Conservation of Wildlife course at SDSU and I have to say it has been quite interesting. Having gone through mostly Biology coursework, much of the lecture is review, but every once in a while there are certain gems that make me relish in the fact that I signed up for this “non-major” class, such as clips of Anderson Cooper (<-yummy) trudging through the wilderness or the video below explaining uniquely, and quite amusingly, the ecological concept of trophic levels and cascades. This is some real Spielberg work right here, I think the sound effects just make it. Don’t you?

Fish food for thought: What if every scientist who published a paper, similarly created a supplementary video, maybe something like this one (i.e. no longer than 5 minutes or so), to which they broke down the science in their publication so that everyone could understand? And then we had a website, perhaps on the publishers own site, or a place, such as Youtube (Sci-tube?), where anyone could access the “shorts” and get the lowdown of what was going on in today’s science community? I think science would become not only more accessible, but more entertaining for the general public and scientists alike. What do you think? Opening up a whole new avenue? Or allowing scientists to express creative sides that maybe shouldn’t be expressed? Thoughts?

Props: Evolartist: Check out this Youtube channel for some pretty fantastic videos of various ecological concepts. Good for classrooms when your students are falling asleep or if your an actual student, like myself, to watch during the more boring lectures so you don’t fall asleep. Your welcome.


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