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Tis’ the season.

This is how we do it.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Where Disneyland puts all the cool stuff up in the Haunted Mansion and Michael’s is decked out  in Christmas decor (If you buy anything for Christmas before Thanksgiving…shame on you). Tis’ the season of tooth decay and overpriced, slightly questionable costumes. However, beyond this, one of my most beloved traditions of the autumn equinox would be carving my pumpkin. Picking it out at the patch, cutting out and squishing all the guts, expressing my non-existant artistic side on this poor round gourd…there is nothing better. This year, being a bit too far from home, I will not be in competition with my little brother like normal, but still fun all the same.

For those of you who have been looking for that perfect watery design. The crew here at The Locker has got your back. Happy Carving!

Mr. Crabs

Fish Fun

Mr. Whitey's gonna get you.

In the weeds.

Nauti or Nice?

The Kraken



Periodic Table of Pumpkins...more like Periodic Table of Awesome.

And for those of you looking to use a little science to make everyone jealous of how cool your pumpkin is. Check this out.

Happy Halloween

Props to: The Pumpkin Lady for her rad pumpkin stencils and Steve Spangler for the awesome video.

Didn’t find one you liked? Check out WWF for some other rather “wild” designs.

Feel free to post pictures of your own sweet pumpkin skills (or your kids skills cause they will probably school you anyway).



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