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From one island to the next.

Catalina Island

What a week. Sorry about my M.I. A. status. This has been the first time since I left my little spot in the sun in the S. Pacific last Monday that I have had time to even sit down and think. Basically came home, did laundry, said hola to the fambam and within two days was on a boat putt putting away to my new home. Crazy… I know.

Welcome to Santa Catalina.

A beautifully pristine segment of the Channel Islands right off the coast of the Sunshine state, Catalina is a favorite for scientists and tourists alike.  For the next semester, I will be  participating in the CSU Marine Biology Semester hosted by CSU Long Beach. I will be studying at the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies, learning as much as I can about all things watery.

Since we got off the boat it has been a non-stop ichthyology fishfest and I am loving every minute of it, except maybe the only getting a max of 5 hours of sleep every night (that I could live without). From 8 in the a.m. to well into the night, it has been learning about bones, behavior, identification and so much more! Every ecology nerd’s dream, so naturally I think it’s awesome. So much to learn, so little time. Hope to keep you all informed.


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