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Sushi: The Global Catch

Raised in a family of  sushi-bar connoisseurs, I am often shunned at the dinner table for my personal preference of leaving the fish to swim in the ocean instead of being filleted for my evening meal.  You could say I live by the Nemo-mantra, “Fish are friends, not food.” Life hasn’t always been like this, however, no indeed it hasn’t. I use to eat sushi like a champ. Octopus. Yellowfin. Snapper. Urchin. Scallops. Lobster. If it wasn’t twitching or moving too fast, I would eat it, and twitching sometimes wouldn’t even stop me, but that’s a story for another time…

So what changed? Well, the state of the oceans and my knowledge of their steep declines did for one.

(Disclaimer: No. I did not join PETA or Greenpeace.)

Today more than ever before, our oceans are being polluted, exploited and over-fished. Now over-fishing is a funny thing. Essentially it all comes down to that wonderful economic principle of “Supply and Demand.” If there is no demand, there will be no justification for the supply.  However, in today’s global economy, the demand is relentless. Places who didn’t demand before are now demanding and everyone wants a bigger and bigger slice of the proverbial pie. Unfortunately, the supply didn’t get the memo and global fish stocks are being decimated to a point they will not be able to recover from.

A new documentary called, “Sushi: The Global Catch,” looks to put it all well into perspective.

Sushi: The Global Catch
Directed by: Mark Hall
USA, 2011, 75 min.

So whether my family or you for that matter, agree with my decision to not be a part of the problem, that is up to you. However, I hope you will at least think about it and make an educated stance either way. Our oceans are not an unlimited resource and we must therefore treat them accordingly.

For more deets:



For those of you who can’t imagine life without your salty morsels, Go Sustainable!:


SEAson’s Greetings

Too cute to not share.

Happy holidays to you and yours.

<3 The Locker

Props: Francis K.

“Beneath the Waves” in 2012

Ever sat watching this movie, thinking to yourself…”I can do way better than that Spielberg guy, I mean what does he  know anyways?”

Well, here’s your chance to make that dream a reality.

Calling all scientists, filmmakers, want-to-be filmmakers, youtube stars, rappers, students, teachers and people with sweet dance moves (like jagger)…who all essentially share a passion for the ocean and what goes on “beneath the waves.”

We want you.

Submissions are now being accepted for the 2012 Beneath the Waves Film Festival.

The festival is unique in it’s fusion of film and social media to communicate science, aquatic issues or overall love for the ocean, something which we are all about here at the Locker. In conjunction with the 41st annual Benthic Ecology Meeting at Old Dominion University, this year will have more to offer than ever before, with filmmaking workshops and an evening of the conference dedicated to an IMAX screening of the selected films.

So how do you get in on all the fun?

First. Check out the website for the deets.

Second. Note that the deadline for submissions is coming up.

January 20th, 2012.

And of course there are some rules. (See #1)

Third. Get out there (bring your friends) and get your camera rolling.

Stories are everywhere, get creative, and have fun!

Happy filming.

The life of a biology major….

Okay, so I know that I have been somewhat MIA for the past month and for that I am sorry. Between finals, presentations, papers, moving back to the continental U.S., starting a new job, finishing up my degree, blah, blah, blah….you get the idea and I don’t think I need to bore you with the details, unless you actually care and in that case..hit me up on facebook and we will catch up. Unfortunately, something always gives and I hate that it had to be this, but it did. Anyways, I am hopefully back on the straight and narrow (well…kind of) and will be posting more regularly as I have so many fun things I have been wanting to share with all of you. Hope all is well out there and that my fellow biology majors are keeping their heads above water in these most stressful times (a.k.a. finals). Alas, I leave you with this, a little break those of you who have been living in the library this past month like I have (sadly it is possible to actually live in the library) and for everyone else, a brief, but comedic glimpse into those living the sweet life…

Props: Emottz24 (awesome video dude) and Lauren P., a chemist near and dear to my heart, for sending this to me


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